FUEL TRACE - new application for Android FMS2

FUEL TRACE - Trace your consumption and more ...
With this powerful application you can keep record of all your supplies of fuel. The application is multilingual (English and Italian) and is automatically set on your language.

The application lets you store all the supplies made ​​and is able to generate real-time consumption statistics for the last month, the last six months, the last year or the total consumption made​​.
The "Real Time" is a convenient function that detects real-time speed, altitude and fuel consumption istanateni averaged over the last month.
In addition, the "Real Time" traces the journey that you can review by visiting the "paths" where you can view all previous locations reporting the time taken, average speed, distance and maintained.
Finally, the Settings panel allows you to manage the units as km or Miles Liters or Gallons or Imperial Gallons and U.S. $ or . In the "Settings" you can also change the language.


To download the Android App let go on https://market.android.com/details?id=fuelTrace.app&feature=search_result or use the QRcode with your smartphone:

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